Mariacka Street

Mariacka Street is one of the most beautiful and charming streets in the Old Town of Gdansk.
It is one of the few to have retained its 14th century character and architecture. Its charm attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world, regardless of the season.
The romantic atmosphere breathing from its every nook and cranny makes it a favourite meeting place for lovers. It is also known for the presence of numerous shops where amber products can be purchased.
A particular highlight of our Mariacka Residence apartment is the opportunity to constantly admire its view from the living room windows. It is a short but exceptionally delightful street that runs from St. Mary’s Basilica to St. Mary’s Gate on the Motława waterfront.

The first information about St. Mary’s Street dates back to the mid-14th century. At that time it was a marshy area, so the houses were protected from the water by high, richly decorated frontages. These have been completely reconstructed and are a hallmark of the place.
From the Middle Ages to the present day, St. Mary’s Street has been an inspiration for painters, sculptors, architects, writers or photographers.
The characteristic narrow facades of the Gothic and Baroque townhouses, the carved gargoyles or the animal motifs in front of the entrances, give the street a unique atmosphere.
A walk down St. Mary’s Street is like a journey in time, during which we come into direct contact with the spirit of the old buildings of Gdańsk.
A longer stop to admire the architecture and contemplate this unique place should of course be planned at Mariacka Residence 🙂 And a slightly shorter one – in one of the cosy cafes present here.

Mariacka Street, as well as the entire Old Town, is worth visiting with a guide, who will tell you about their centuries-long rich history and reveal secret curiosities about this part of Gdańsk.
An annual festival also takes place here – St. Mary’s under the stars, accompanied by an international amber fair at the turn of August and September.

You are cordially invited 🙂

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