St. Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk

The St. Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk, is not only one of the oldest fairs in Poland, but also an important historical and cultural element of the city. Its roots date back to the Middle Ages, when fairs were held around the Dominican monastery church – St. Nicholas Basilica, attracting merchants, craftsmen and residents from various regions.

History of the Fair

The history of the St. Dominic’s Fair is linked to the rich trading tradition of Gdansk, which was one of the most important ports and trade centers in Central and Eastern Europe. The fair was held as early as the 13th century and attracted crowds of visitors from both present-day Poland and abroad. This unique event provided an opportunity for the exchange of goods, the presentation of crafts, as well as meetings and integration of different cultures.

Dominican Fair today

The 763rd edition of this interesting event will be held from July 22 to August 13, 2023. It is estimated that last year’s fair, with more than a thousand stalls, attracted more than 7 million people. This makes it the largest open-air shopping and entertainment event in Poland (and one of the largest in Europe).

During the St. Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk, you can experience an unusual atmosphere full of colorful stalls and regional products and handicrafts, including amber products, wood carvings, embroidery, ceramics or jewelry. This is an excellent opportunity to find original souvenirs and gifts and taste specialties of regional cuisine.

The modern edition of the Dominican Fair in Gdansk is not only an opportunity for shopping, but also a real feast for all lovers of culture, music and dance. Performances by artists, concerts featuring local music bands and dance shows are held on stages set up on the fair grounds. For culinary enthusiasts there are cooking workshops, tastings of regional specialties and culinary competitions. There will also be sporting events.

Sightseeing in Gdansk during the Dominican Fair

The Dominican Fair is also an excellent opportunity to learn about Gdansk’s history and culture. The centuries-old monuments in the Old Town, such as St. Nicholas Church, St. Mary’s Basilica, the Uphagen House, the Green Gate, and finally Mariacka Street, located in the heart of the event, where our apartment – Mariacka Residence – is located, attract numerous visitors. It is possible to see these places and learn about the fascinating past of Gdansk.


We encourage everyone to visit Gdansk and participate in the Dominican Fair. This unique event will provide an unforgettable experience of both the city’s tradition and modernity. Come and enjoy the atmosphere of the fair, meet local artisans, taste delicious regional cuisine and discover the beauty of the Old Town and all of Gdansk. Jarmark Dominikański is not only an opportunity to catch pearls on the stalls, it is a real journey through the history and culture of one of the most beautiful cities in Poland.

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